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    Website holding page

  2. Works-TrainingReturn-6

    sketching out early ideas based on road sign graphics and the notion of growing ROI

  3. Works-TrainingReturn-2

    Fleshing out some concepts on the computer

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    Concept 1

  5. Works-TrainingReturn-4

    Concept 2

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    Concept 3

  7. Works-TrainingReturn-1

    Concept 4 – the final design solution

Training Return


  1. identity / branding

‘Return’ for new identity

Training Return is a sales training consultancy to the automotive industry with marquee clients such as Audi and Porsche in South East Asia and India. Nick Wilson approached me to create a new identity to help consolidate his brand and to emphasise the growth – the return – that can come with his unique approach to sales training.

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