The Story

Corporate identity / branding

pic-columnsYour corporate identity is the sum of all the visual collateral which your business presents to its stakeholders. It’s the thing that makes you unique. It’s your fingerprint.

My favourite corporate identity story is about iconic American designer Paul Rand presenting his NeXT computer logo design to Apple CEO Steve Jobs. As he turned each page of the presentation booklet, Jobs’ smile seemed to grow bigger and bigger until finally he reached the last page and asked Rand, “Can I hug you?”.

Rand would later comment, “You know you’ve made a good logo when your client wants to hug you.”

Now, that’s the kind of response we’re aiming to evoke with every project.

So, what’s your story?

Authentic, relevant, well told stories can inform and inspire.

It’s no coincidence that great companies have a wealth of great stories to tell: of the founders, early struggles, amazing service, enormous challenges overcome.

pic-warriorsAnd because stories are told through the images and words that illustrate the way an organisation lives its values, we get to see them and to hear them clearly and effectively.

In the form of a corporate book, magazine or e-newsletter, these stories help sustain your brand and can have far reaching benefits for all your stakeholders. These stories are the real core of the brand – not some clichéed mission statement.

Red Egg can find your stories. Through exciting collaborations with a team of award-winning writers and photographers, we’ll capture, edit and craft those stories and design their presentation.

And the design of a corporate book or magazine combines the telling of your stories with the creation of a beautiful object.

Been audited lately?

pic-pencilsA design audit, that is… a review of all the visual collateral that your business has accumulated, deliberately and otherwise, over the years. Your logo, stationery, website, signage, how emails go out, your reception area.

Are you communicating with your audience in a consistent and effective manner, a manner in which your corporate identity, or your brand, is perceived as it was intended?

There’s no refuting that good design is good for business.

pic-chipsA design audit will provide an objective view on how successfully your company’s image is being portrayed and perceived. It will bring any inconsistencies to light and aid in fine tuning your branding and marketing strategies.