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Thynk Art and Design


  1. digital media
  2. identity / branding
  3. print communications

Branding and Shopify Website

Thynk Art and Design is a side project for us, Clive Jones, the designer, and Gabrielle Jones, the artist. The goal is to make available thoughtful design and production of ethically sourced homewares.

The first foray is in elegant, eco-friendly, all natural and 100% compostable dinnerware made from fallen palm leaf sheaths which would otherwise have been burnt. The fallen sheaths come from a specific Areca palm which is cultivated in the tropics across India, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines primarily for its crop of betel nuts.

Our Leafplates are sourced from a village in southern India in conjunction with a regional Rural Development Scheme ensuring fair wages for workers.

Here’s a link to our first issue of Thynkspiration our autumn entertaining lookbook which we created for the US market.

Launch the website here.

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