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The Resilience Box


  1. identity / branding
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Centre for Corporate Health

Fiona Pearman of Brand Illumination introduced me to Tony Bradford at the Centre for Corporate Health who needed to create a new brand identity for a program of groundbreaking educational materials under the banner of The Resilience Box.

Labelled “A comprehensive psychological wellbeing program which strengthens emotional resilience and assists recovery from psychological illness”, Tony needed a friendly, informal approach to the look and feel of a series of brochures and course workbooks and so I created a suite of sketchy-style illustrations to go with the textual content.

One of our facilitators ran this program for the first time on Tuesday and it went extremely well. The participants said that they wished they had been taught this basic knowledge and skills back when they were at school. They loved the format of the workbook and the graphics. Thanks again…

Tony Bradford, Managing Director, Centre for Corporate Health

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