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Only Human Stories


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Ongoing creative for Only Human Stories

I have been a part of the Only Human team for over a decade and it has been a delight to work with Moya Sayer-Jones on projects both important and rewarding (and fun). She has a unique ability to, at one moment, draw people together in teams to get them interacting and thinking outside their ordinary view, and at another moment, to sit with individuals and listen to their sometimes challenging stories with a finely tuned perception and empathy.

This year we have created workbooks for Moya’s unique story_Pool program, annual reports for Bonnie’s and Rosebank, and worked on a refresh of the Only Human website.

Working with Clive Jones and Red Egg Designs always reminds us that great design is so much more than the way something looks: it’s how successfully it contributes to, and propels, the deeper story. Clive is a master of creating designs that complement and showcase the big narrative… while also being drop dead stunning.

Here at Only Human Stories, we have used Red Egg as our designers of first choice for over a decade. Our clients are in Not For Profit  and purpose-driven businesses: they need to get and hold attention in a very crowded marketplace. Red Egg has delivered this ‘attention’ in spades in a diverse range of projects including book design, brand story design, marketing and product collateral and websites. Red Egg has a highly collaborative process that is a pleasure to work with and always improves the outcome. In fact, Clive’s visual understanding is an integral part of our own process to communicate the essence and personality of a brand; and enriches our own written or video content.

We are all about creating great experiences for our clients and at the end of every project,  they specifically tell us how much they have enjoyed working with Clive. They praise not only his creative work but his patience, his energy and his kinda very-cool working demeanour.

We don’t really want to share him… but if we must… we cannot recommend him highly enough.

Moya Sayer-Jones, Only Human Stories

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