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Constance on the Edge


  1. digital media
  2. identity / branding
  3. illustration
  4. print communications

Branding and Resource Design

Friend of Red Egg Design, film director Belinda Mason and her impact team, approached me to come up with some title branding for her documentary film Constance on the Edge.

“Filmed over 10 years, Constance on the Edge is an unflinchingly honest portrayal of one refugee family’s resettlement story in Australia.”

We then created a suite of marketing collateral as well as education resources as part of a comprehensive dissemination campaign.

Four stars. A vivid, big-hearted portrait of refugee life in Australia. From war-torn Sudan to Wagga Wagga, a tight bond between director and subject fuels this deeply humane documentary about one woman’s struggle to fit in.

Luke Buckmaster, The Guardian

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