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    The Schools Kit

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    Website skin

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    Schools Manual

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    Schools Manual

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    Schools Manual

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    Schools Manual

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    Pull-up banners

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    … and a fantastic testimonial

Unifam’s The Anchor Collateral


  1. digital media
  2. identity / branding
  3. illustration
  4. print communications

The Anchor website and print collateral

As part of the overall branding and communications package, we also designed and produced an extensive range of print collateral along with the website skin.

A pilot Schools Kit was produced and sent out to a shortlist of schools and it was soon evident by the overwhelmingly positive response that it was indeed a timely resource badly needed. And so followed the roll-out to 1500 schools across the State.

Design / illustration: Clive Jones
Comms Plan and Story Strategy / Coaching: Moya Sayer-Jones
Comms Plan and Branding Strategy: Fiona Pearman

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